Sunday, August 12, 2012 Redesigned ... Mega Update

A lot has been going on (believe it or not).


1. has been redesigned and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

It contains information and audio/video from the Clouds And Canyons series as well as some upcoming projects as well.

2. The Clouds And Canyons series will resume being released this January with the release of Clouds And Canyons, Vol. 2. The subsequent volumes will be released a bit more frequently.

There are some audio samples as well as a video on

There are still copies of Clouds And Canyons, Vol. 1 available. You can order your copy here.

3. Despite being dormant in the public eye, I have actually been quite busy recording new music and revisiting earlier projects.

In 2003, I began work on a project that was inspired some 20th Century Italian poetry of love, beauty ad life. I was going to call the project Il Vero Amore È Una Quite Accesa. Unhappy with the direction of the music at the time, I abandoned the project. In early 2012, I decided to do a complete redux of those early concepts.

Il Vero Amore È Una Quite Accesa is a three disc project inspired by both the same poetry as well as the early recordings made under the same name. The first disc has been completed and will simply be titled Il Vero Amore È Una Quite Accesa.

A video preview of the track "Il Vero Amore È Una Quite Accesa, Part 1" is available on

4. There is another project that is also complete. In 2006 I put together a collection of recordings from past sessions that were more noise-oriented. I added new recordings and put together a project called The Cold Noise Of Space. That project was slated to be released in April, 2007. I decided to hold off on it's release for creative reasons.

An expanded version of The Cold Noise of Space will also be released in the future, most likely following the release of the Il Vero Amore È Una Quite Accesa project in 2014.

5. The very first Flock From Spokane project was in production in 2001-2002. It was four different pieces and the project was named October, after the first and centerpiece recording. In 2006-2007 the project was revisited and the October project became one expanded track clocking in and just over sixty minutes.

The project was revisited again in 2012 and a revamped edition of October is also in the plans for release around the same time as The Cold Noise of Space.

A lot of music is on the way. And even more is being created as we speak.

Keep checking back for updates, or alternatively...

I am going to get the Flock From Spokane email list running again. It has been dormant as well. But that's If you'd like to be included and have first crack at ordering Flock From Spokane releases, shoot an email to and tell me you wish to be added.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awakening From Long Silence

Flock From Spokane is returning from an extended period of absolute silence. (at least in the public forum) I have actually been quite busy. An entire new project has been recorded. I have received several emails asking what was going on. I answered them all in a somewhat timely fashion. I have decided to post most of the questions I have received here in this forum. Very shortly...